We Buy Houses St. Louis Homeowners Would Like to Sell

House Buying

There are many reasons that a person may
be looking for a quick sale of their home.

It could be that you are relocating for work and want to dispose of your existing home as quickly as possible. Perhaps you have fallen on hard times and would like to downsize quickly.

It may be that you inherited a property and would like to sell it to pay taxes. It can take a long time to sell a house through traditional channels. Realtor fees and other commissions can add up quite quickly, too.

We are here to make the process of selling a property that little bit simpler. We buy houses St Louis families would like to sell for cash, as is. You don’t have to worry about making repairs or doing renovation work.

We will examine your property and make you an offer based on the condition it is in right now. You don’t have to work through a realtor or think about commissions or fees.

The offer we make to you is the pre-tax amount that you will receive. Yes, you can sell your home commission-free, without dealing with a realtor! We buy houses St Louis homeowners are looking to sell, fast.

Making Selling Better

The traditional method for selling a home is hardly fun. It’s slow, stressful and expensive. We take pride in offering a better option. We make selling a home a three-step, transparent process.

When you call us, we will give you an estimate for the value of your home, based on the size and location. If you think the estimate sounds reasonable, then we will schedule a visit to view your property.

If you schedule a visit, one of our experts will come out to look at your property and check to see what repairs need done. You do not have to complete any repairs yourself.

We will handle all of those jobs for you if you decide to sell the property to us. We will draw up an agreement and make a formal offer based on the condition and location of your home.

If you are happy with the price, then you will be given a sales agreement to sign. You can choose the closing date. We will work to accommodate any date within reason, and take care of all of the details for you.

All you need to do is show up and sign off on the paperwork. You will receive the cash from the sale of your property within a matter of hours. Avoid Foreclosure If you are facing foreclosure on your property, then give us a call.

We can help you to avoid foreclosure, or to stop a foreclosure sale. Call us today to discuss your options. We can work quickly, and in some cases can complete a purchase within seven days.

We understand how stressful it can be to need to do a quick sale of your home, and we take pride in making the process as fast, smooth and discrete as possible. Call us today to get an estimate on the value of your home.


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